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Did you know that Dr. Ed and Dr. Jess can use Spark Clear Aligners to give you your dream smile in style? Spark Clear Aligners are a virtually invisible, removable alternative to metal braces that can be used for patients of all ages. At Brown Family Orthodontics, we take pride in providing the best aligner options for our patients, and we think Spark Clear Aligners are the absolute best choice. These aligners utilize the innovative technology from Ormco, an industry leader in cutting-edge orthodontic treatment.

With Spark Clear Aligners, Dr. Ed and Dr. Jess use a series of removable trays to straighten teeth. Although they are similar to other clear aligners, Spark Clear Aligners are more comfortable and made with stain-resistant, thin medical-grade plastic called TruGen™. Spark aligners are BPA, mercury, latex, and phthalate-free, making them health-friendly and allergy safe. These aligners are specifically designed to provide our patients with more efficient and effective tooth movement.

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Sparking a Desire to Smile in all of our Patients

With Spark clear aligners, our doctors can customize every aspect of your treatment at Brown Family Orthodontics. These aligners are loved by patients of all ages because they are a discreet, comfortable, and efficient treatment option.

  • More Stain Resistant – Unlike other aligners, Spark aligners won’t yellow or stain over time, keeping the aligners clean and discreet
  • Enhanced Comfort – Spark aligners are made with thin, smooth plastic to provide patients with ultimate comfort during treatment
  • Faster Results – Dr. Ed and Dr. Jess will design aligners to custom fit your teeth that provide more efficient and faster treatment results

These aligners are guaranteed to spark a smile in any patient that wears them for orthodontic treatment. Join the many satisfied Spark clear aligner patients and call Brown Family Orthodontics today to schedule your free consultation.

Spark Clear Aligners FAQ

8 Things You Should Know About Spark Clear Aligners

Dr. Ed and Dr. Jess both create unique treatment plans with Spark Clear Aligners for each of their patients. They love using these aligners because they straighten teeth by consistently applying small amounts of gentle pressure to move teeth into their predetermined place while enabling you to feel comfortable during the treatment process. With Spark, you don’t have to worry about metal brackets or wires poking your gums and cheeks. Their thin, flexible material is so comfortable you might even forget you’re wearing your aligners!

These clear aligners aren’t just comfortable and efficient, they also allow for shorter treatment times. Spark clear aligners can help you achieve your best smile in a matter of months! Spark aligners work in sync with cutting-edge aligner software that allows Dr. Ed and Dr. Jess complete in-office treatment control. This software generates multiple treatment plans, anatomical tooth attachments and CBCT image integration, allowing our doctors to design the perfect treatment plan for you!

Spark Clear Aligners work by applying gentle, incremental pressure to each tooth, moving them into their predetermined place.
Treatment times are different for every patient and depend on your specific treatment needs, but Dr. Ed and Dr. Jess will give you a timeline when you begin treatment.
No. Spark aligners are only offered by accredited orthodontists with higher level training and Spark certification.
There is no standard cost for Spark aligners. The total cost will depend on your insurance and treatment time, but our office will work with you to find a payment plan that works for you!
Yes! With Spark’s 3D software, our doctors can show you what your post-treatment smile will look like before treatment even begins!
On average, Spark patients will have to swap their aligners out every two weeks.
You should wear your Spark aligners for at least 22 hours every day for effective tooth movement.
Of course! Take your aligners out and continue enjoying your favorite foods and drinks during treatment. Simply floss and brush before your put your aligners back in!

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